Importance of website monitoring, administration and promotion

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The existence of a website and its full functioning is impossible without a number of regular activities to support it. This includes filling the website with new content, editing existing materials and timely updating of necessary components and modules. It also includes and measures for data backup, protection from network attacks, DDoS and so on. All of this together is called the administration of the website.

It is necessary that the responsible administrator carry out all the necessary activities on an ongoing basis. After all, visitors need a living resource that contains up-to-date information and performs all the declared functions. The tasks of the website administrator can include its information and technical support, as well as not requiring radical changes to the design or functionality of the website modernization work. And sometimes they also include website promotion in various ways.

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Website promotion importance and basicsWebsite performance importance Basic website performance monitoringAdvanced website performance monitoring

Website promotion importance and basics

Organizing your business and creating a website for it on the Internet is not enough. Such a web resource will not attract potential customers, and therefore make a profit. Therefore, it is necessary to engage...

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