How Workers Compensation Mod Rates Affect You and Your Business

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Workers compensation is regulated on a statewide level, which means that it’s all standardized and everybody pays the same rate as everybody else. Right? Well, of course that’s not the case. There are a number of factors which impact your own coverage, how much you pay, and even how easy or difficult it is for you to obtain your coverage.

At the start, how much you pay and your ability to obtain workers compensation coverage is determined by factors such as your industry classification, whether this is a new or established business. Depending on the state you’re in and how many employees you have, there’s also the determination of whether or not you are required to carry this form of insurance to begin with.

Small businesses may also seek out the assistance and services of employee leasing providers to become a part of their coverage, generally a much larger and more well established platform. This generally helps to reduce the expense of coverage.

All of this though and we haven’t gotten to the point of this guide, which is workers compensation mod rates, one of the most important variables for determining how much you pay for your coverage. A new...

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