How To Start an Escape Room Business

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You’ve always loved puzzles and solving riddles. You’re the first person your friends call when they need help figuring something out. Perhaps you’re an escape room enthusiast, finding escape rooms through apps like Morty and beating all the record times in every escape room you’ve come across.

Your friends and family have told you at some time or another, “You’d be a great game master!” or “You should start an escape room business.” After thinking about it, you’re now seriously considering monetizing your skills. After all, why not?

Gather your courage and read on – this is the first step toward following your escape room dreams. There is never a perfect time to start a new business, but you can set yourself up for success with these tips.

Table of Contents

1 Create a Business Plan1.1 What Are Your Business Costs?1.2 Who Is Your Demographic?1.3 Define Your Brand1.4 How To Advertise Your Business2 Steps To Set Up Your Business2.1 Obtain Permits & Licenses2.2 Open a Bank Account & Start Bookkeeping2.3 Open a Credit Card for Your Business3 Protect Your Business3.1 Form a Legal Entity3.2 Use Liability Waivers3.3 Get Business Insurance4 Design Your Escape Rooms5 Escape Room Business Forecast6 Summary


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