How To Set Up Automatic Payment For Credit Card Bills

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A credit card is a high-utility financial instrument when it comes to making payments. We can use credit cards for paying utility bills, transport, clearing debts, and much more. Often, a credit card user has to pay multiple invoices in a billing cycle. A user may miss one or two credit card bills for some reason. Missing out on credit card bills can impact the credit history. It is why people are relying on automated credit card bill payments more than ever. Read on to know how to set up automatic bill payments for credit cards.

Understanding the auto-debit facility for credit card users

For approving any payment via a credit card, the user’s permission is needed. It can include entering a passcode or PIN for approving a payment. However, some expenses can be automated and do not need any manual interference. Once an auto payment is set by the user, the designated amount will be debited from the credit limit. The user does not have to authorise an auto payment. Only a reminder will be sent to the user before the date of a pre-set payment. Automated payments have helped users to pay credit card bills timely. Setting auto payments...

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