How to Make Your Hair Dye Last Longer with a Few Simple Steps

how-to-make-your-hair-dye-last-longer-with-a-few-simple-steps Published 1 month ago Views (13) Health

Today everybody is fond of colouring their hair. And why not, since it makes us look so good and feel so confident. But one common concern always remains. For how long the new colour will remain on hair. The easiest way out is to go for a permanent hair colour. But what about its harmful consequences? That’s why people are nowadays opting for herbal colour protective shampoos. A colour protective shampoo won’t just darken your hair colour, but also cleanse, condition and nutrition your hair roots and scalp.

Benefits of a good colour protective shampoo:

Hydrates and nourishes—Frequent application of hair colour can make your hair dull and harsh. A organic and natural conditioning shampoo with no sulphates in it, can keep your hair superbly conditioned and hydrated for the long run. Sulphate-free—Indus Valley colour protective shampoo should always be sulphate-free as sulphates damage the hair colour pigments. So, if it’s sulphate-free, it would ensure that the colour stays for longer. A conditioning shampoo for hair cannot make the colour stay for an indefinite period of time. It can, at the most, darken it up so much that it lasts for a couple of weeks more. The natural shine of...

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