How to Identify a Fraudulent Workers Comp Claim

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After filing a workers comp insurance claim for a shoulder injury he suffered working for the federal postal service, the recipient of the benefits was spotted working as a massage therapist. This lead to felony charges related to the fraud.

An ‘injured’ entertainer was seen dancing in a popular television commercial while he collected a surplus of fifty thousand dollars in workers compensation payments related to a previous disability claim.

After submitting a workers comp claim about an injury incurred while on the police force and collecting more than thirty thousand dollars in benefits for it, the former officer was found to be working for a musical band – something he would not have been able to physically do if his claim to injury was genuinely true.

If you really delve deeply into it, you will find more and more bizarre stories about workers comp fraud. Thankfully, the ratio of these is quite slim in contrast to the valid ones. For the small business owner and the large commercial enterprises, it is vital to be in the know about detecting abuse of the system.

5 Ways to Understanding Workers Comp Fraud

1. Something may not be right when...

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