How to Get a Dog on a Plane For Free

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The most popular airline that allows dogs on flights is JetBlue, but many others will not accept your dog. You will still need to have a certificate of health for your pet, even if the ticket is purchased. Your certificate must state that your dog is up-to-date on its immunizations and is healthy enough to fly. A health certificate can only be valid for 30 days, so you’ll need to have one on hand for your dog’s departure and return. In addition, many airlines will only accept a clean bill of health that is no older than 10 days old, so it’s important to schedule a visit before you leave.

JetBlue allows four pets per flight

If you’re traveling with your pet, you can fly with up to four pets on a single flight with JetBlue. You must reserve your pet seat at least 24 hours before departure. You can check-in for your flight online, or at a kiosk or mobile phone. If you’d prefer to check-in in person, you can contact the JetBlue staff at the airport to talk about the details of your reservation.

The first time you fly with your pet, you’ll want to make sure your...

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