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2021 has been the year of new beginnings. And ventures of all classes and stature started investing in their products so that their relevance can be preserved. The financial and commercial scenario is more precarious than ever, and everyone is looking forward to efficient investments. Thus the existing products and services must fulfill the needs and requirements that they are expected to serve and provide good value for the money. Thus a venture dependent on its product or service must consider upgrading its product or service periodically so that they never lose its relevance in the face of ever-changing market demands. In this scenario, product management certification courses are gaining a lot of attention and popularity. The relevance and importance of a product manager are only expected to increase and being ready for the inevitable will mean stepping into a career of satisfaction and rewards. This article will try to elaborate on how to find a course that can transform a student into a c-suite executive able to be at the helm of product teams and take care of entire ventures.

Evaluation of promises

In order to evaluate the promises made by an institute, a student must understand the norms....

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