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What is a tax return? How does it work in the UK?

The process of paying taxes is fairly straightforward for most of the people. Taxes are taken out of your pay packet before you get your salary, and you don’t think much about it.

The process may be more complicated for others. They may have multiple income streams, be self-employed, or have made a profit on an asset they sold, known as capital gains.

In these cases, HMRC doesn’t know how much tax you owe, so you need to figure it out and tell them. Your tax return tells them how much tax you owe. Additionally, you can use the form to claim any relief or tax allowance owed to you.

HMRC then receives the form by either paper or online submission by a certain date. Typically, if you miss the 31 January deadline, you will be fined and charged interest.

Now, you can apply for a tax refund in simple and easy steps and process your tax refund application from your phone!

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