How to Annotate and Markup PDFs in Easy Steps in 2022?

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To annotate and Markup PDFs, we need to be skillful ready to use the right software for the task. PDF is short for Portable Document Format, and it’s an important technology that lets you view and print documents in an identical way, regardless of which computer or device you use. 

Tons of organizations and government agencies use PDFs as a way to ensure that data files are as consistent as possible, whether they’re viewed on a desktop computer or mobile device.

PDF is also a way for you to protect your work from being altered so that the only person who can edit your documents is you. That’s why PDFs are used for sensitive information like tax returns and legal documents.

Need of the Best Tablet for Annotating PDF

If you are a student, teacher or a professional who needs to annotate PDFs, you must have the best tablet for annotating PDFs. Annotation is a very important part of academic and professional life. There are specific tablets which are more comfortable to write on compared to others. Users can choose from traditional ones with stylus or even others that come with touch screens.

There are different types of tablets available in...

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