How Should Scientific Research Be Conducted? Learn from Dr. Paul...

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According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), research has been defined as organized and creative efforts to improve knowledge about humans, culture, and society and apply it in new areas of interest. Scientific research should be defined as research conducted using systematic and designed scientific techniques to collect, analyze, and interpret data about the physical or biological world. Scientific research is the objective, methodical, organized, and multi-step process of using previously found facts to develop new insights and discoveries. Data-collecting methodologies may be classed as observational or experimental, descriptive or analytical in terms of causality, and prospective, retrospective, or cross-sectional in periods.

Every scientific inquiry begins with a specific research topic and a hypothesis to test experimentally. The idea should be explicit, unambiguous, and directly address the study topic. The foundation of scientific study is a robust and testable hypothesis. The hypothesis is then tested using scientific methods to determine if it is correct or incorrect.

As a result, the scientific method should be impartial, objective, and reasonable, and it should be able to approve or reject the hypothesis. The study strategy should include the technique for collecting data and evaluating variables. It should guarantee that...

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