How do I operate a multimeter correctly?

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Basically, digital and analog multimeters hardly differ in terms of use. weber summit s 470 review both versions have a selector switch that adjusts the measuring range. As a rule, amps, ohms, and volts are available for most models. It is therefore usually possible to measure amperes with all multimeters. In addition, the multitesters have an on and off switch.

The multimeters are equipped with two probes that are used to carry out the measurement. The probes and cables are usually black and red. The colors indicate the polarity of the measuring lead. However, they are usually also additionally labeled. Red stands for plus and black for minus. Depending on the manufacturer, there are also other connection options and, for example, a temperature sensor can be connected.

If you now want to measure the voltage of a car battery, you must hold the probes to the respective poles of the battery; the red probe to the positive pole and the black probe to the negative pole. Depending on the model, you can now read the voltage on the display or the analog display.

Hint: Caution should be exercised if you want to check a socket with the multimeter. Here, the...

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