How do I apply for a tax number?

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Apply for a tax number

Valid for life, your tax identification number allows the tax authorities to identify you. In France, you will be asked for this tax number for the creation of your Private Space and then during your various administrative exchanges. It also allows you to make your payments and obtain your refunds from the FISC. Find here the procedure for applying for a NIF, how to obtain your tax number for the first time or what to do in the event of loss of your tax number.

What is the TIN?

The NIF is the abbreviation used to refer to the tax identification number which is assigned to each taxpayer in France. The French tax authorities issue this number, also known as the “tax number” or “reference tax number” to any tax person with a tax reporting obligation. It corresponds to your unique, personal, and confidential identifier necessary for carrying out all your procedures with the Public Finances. The vast majority of member countries of the European Union identify their taxpayers using a unique reference number. On the other hand, there is no European tax number, each Member State being free to determine its policy in terms...

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