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Turkey’s electronic visa (e-visa) is a travel permit available online for Australian citizens. This is the fastest and easiest way to get approval to visit Turkey.

Australian citizens traveling to Turkey for tourism or business must first apply for an online e-visa in Turkey. To get this travel approval, applicants must meet Turkish visa for Australians  Citizens quirements.

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What is the Turkish e-Visa for Australian Citizens and what does it do?E-Visa Requirement for Australian Citizens Traveling to TurkeyHow can Indonesian citizens apply for a Turkey visa?Do Indonesians need e-visas for Turkey?

What is the Turkish e-Visa for Australian Citizens and what does it do?


For Australians, Turkey e-Visa is an electronic visa that allows the holder to enter the country for tourism or trade. It is valid for Australian citizens to stay up to 90 days. At this time it can be used for multiple entries, as well as to transit through Turkey.

E-Visa for Turkey was launched in 2013 to facilitate the process of applying for a Turkish visa.

To be approved for entry into Turkey with e-Visa, Australians only need to apply through Turkey’s online e-Visa application system.

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