How Air Purifiers Help Safeguard You from Airborne Infection

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There is much to consider about the lasting legacy of COVID-19 on human behaviour and workplace environments. The methods used to improve surface hygiene while reducing the risks of airborne infection in both residential and commercial spaces are evolving. “Sick Building Syndrome” is a genuine concern of property managers and residential homeowners looking for ways to mitigate risks. One of the most obvious ways to make a real impact on the air quality in occupied spaces is through the use of a top-quality air disinfection purifier.

Why Consider an Air Purifier for Viruses and Bacteria Removal?

Adding an air and surface purification system as part of the primary HVAC system in-home or office is something more people are considering in a post-pandemic world. People know COVID-19 is not going away, and neither are the airborne particles and droplets containing micro-organisms and other pollutants. Efforts to improve the indoor environment using an air and surface purifier is as commonplace as diversity and equity training seminars. That is because people want work environments that protect their physical health as much as their mental health. Employees are feeling more empowered than ever and are unwilling to work in environments that could adversely affect...

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