Here are some signs to know if a passion fruit...

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Passion fruit is a native subtropical fruit that is mainly found in South America. This fruit mainly grows on a vine which is named Passiflora edulis. You will also be able to find this fruit in southern Brazil and Northern Argentina. These are mainly yellow however, you can also find them in purple and red. They vary from each other when it comes to their size. Usually, passion fruit is a size of a plum to a grapefruit. Moreover, passion fruit has a taut and shiny skin when you pick it out freshly. Therefore, it is important to get fresh and ripened fruit. The way how you can know that passion fruit is good to eat is when by looking at the skin color and texture.

When the skin color of the fruit is yellow, red, or dark purple and the texture softens, then you know it is good to eat. If the texture is still hard and the color is not right then it still has a few more days to go before you can actually eat it. The taste of this fruit is fresh and tart. However, it becomes sweeter when it gets more ripened. The seed gets crunchier...

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