Helping the Brain Injured Auto Accident Victim Deal With the...

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The fact is that brain injured victims of auto accidents are often undetected at the emergency room thus creating insurance company obstacles to getting adequate compensation. I recently received a call from a women that was rear ended, at a high rate of speed in a car accident and thrust into the car in front of her. In other words, a double impact. The mechanics of the accident are obvious, her head went forward and backward violently 2 times.

At the emergency room she had a headache, but denied unconsciousness even though she did not remember some of the accident. Of course, a CAT scan of the brain showed no acute intracranial problems. So, she was released with a possible mild brain injury. For some reason, she decided to go to a chiropractor for the headaches and she returned to work. Work turned out be a disaster for her. She was completely disorganized. She had extreme difficulties with her memory and concentration and continued to have headaches. Her coworkers noticed all her problems. Her family doctor referred her to a specialist.

This case is fresh in my mind, but it demonstrates several problems the client now faces with her insurance...

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