Gorgeous Ways To Wear Waterproof Kajal Try Them!

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Kajal, sometimes known as kohl, is one makeup essential without makeup is incomplete. A single sweep of this wonder product adds definition to your eyes and in seconds, your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more defined. That’s why girls worldwide love kajal because a sweep of it can leave you with beautiful eyes that speak volumes! So not only is waterproof kajal popular in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East, but globally women have embraced kajal as their go-to makeup for eyes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best eye kajal. First, opt for a waterproof kajal. This will allow you to wear your kajal no matter what mother nature throws at you – rain, sweat, happy tears, or an impromptu plunge into the pool. You can also select a long-lasting kajal so that your eyes look beautiful all day long.

Applying kajal to your eyes can be tricky. Thick, uneven lines can morph your eye shape and take away from the beauty of your eyes. Before applying kajal, make sure your eyes are clean.

Winged eye look

If you’ve been following the Kajal trend, you know that a kajal can be used...

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