Gluten Allergy, Celiac Disease and Weight Loss

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April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness month. One of the conditions associated in some people with IBS is Gluten allergy. It is a highly under-diagnosed condition, therefore worth spreading public awareness about it. Gluten is a Protein, which can be found in Wheat, Barley, and Rye. The disease associated with gluten intolerance or allergy is called Celiac disease. Celiac disease is an inflammatory condition of the small intestine that affects some people with genetic predisposition. The inflammationi damages the mucosa of the small intestine, which results in a lot of the symptoms and deficiencies associated with gluten allergy. About a third of Caucasians are genetically predisposed to Celiac disease, but not all of them get Celiac disease. Usually avoidance and exclusion of Gluten resolves symptoms of Celiac disease. Women are twice as likely to be affected and diagnosed with Celiac disease than men. Some autoimmune conditions like Type-1 Diabetesi, Sjogern’s disease, lupus, thyroid disease and some adrenal diseases (Addison’s disease) are also associated with Celiac disease. People who have Down’s syndrome also have a high chance of having Celiac disease.

People classically are present with symptoms of diarrhea, weight loss, iron deficiency anemia, lactose intolerance, frequent constipation, severe abdominal pain...

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