Fast Bridging loans: should you buy or sell first?

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What is a  Fast bridging loan?

Fast Bridging loans can help you finance the purchase of a new property while selling your current one. You may use this short-term funding to build an affordable home or keep living in yours, whichever is more convenient for you.

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How does a bridging loan work?When’s the best time to sell?SeasonalityMarket conditionsWhat do bridging loans cost?Bridge loan interest rates

How does a bridging loan work?

When buying a new property, it is important to promptly secure finance in order for you not get stuck with an expensive mortgage. You may have found your dream house but haven’t sold the old one yet – this means that there will be funds available from only receiving settlement on what’s left of yours before moving out or refinancing with another lender who can provide lines of credit until then.

The bridging finance loan is something that you need to think about before taking out. You’ll have interest costs, which can be very expensive in total if they’re not paid off quickly! Make sure these payments match up with when your house will finally sell so it doesn’t catch up on...

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