Fashion Is For Everyone, Best Looks For “Men” Or “Women”?

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There is nothing as exciting as imagining and preplanning your future wardrobe based on emerging runway trends for a person interested in fashion.

Is Fashion Is For Everyone, Best Looks For “Men” Or “Women”? As an editor, it’s frustrating to have witnessed designers refusing to acknowledge people of different body types, abilities, ethnicities, racial backgrounds, and genders on the runway. It makes you want to turn away from an industry that seemingly reflects inconsistency through its values. But more than that, it makes you want to speak up.

“No color or fabric or cut is gender exclusive.”

Similarly, before I know what looks I’m going to see from a fashion house when I click on a press release, I often see two different links: “womenswear” or “menswear.” That alone excludes an entire population of people who do not identify as a woman or a man, and it also speaks to the antiquated idea that gender identity should influence clothing preference at all. Words alone are that powerful, and they can be that divisive.


For that reason, I still go back to and admire Stoney Michelli Love’s mission statement for Stuzo Clothing all the time: “Our pieces are gender-free as we prefer...

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