Everything you should know about walnuts

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Walnut is a fruit and an edible seed of any tree belonging to the genus “Juglans,” including butternut, black walnuts, and English walnuts. The walnut’s nutrient-dense meat has been precious since antiquity, providing nourishment from early times worldwide. One can easily see that the walnuts benefits are numerous.

This article will highlight the nutritional content of walnuts, their properties and uses, and some interesting facts about this nut that has been esteemed for thousands of years.

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Types of walnutWalnut NutritionHere are some of the critical nutrients in walnuts:Walnuts UsesWalnuts HistoryNutritional benefits of walnut:Walnut RecipesWays to consume the walnutWalnuts Side EffectsWalnuts BenefitsConclusion

Types of walnut

There are many different walnuts, but the most common ones are the English walnut, black walnut, and butternut.

English walnut: The English walnut is the most popular type of walnut in the United States. They have light brown skin and a slice of creamy-coloured meat. Black walnut: The black walnut has a more rigid, thicker skin and a richer flavour than the English walnut. Butternut: The butternut is the most delicate of all the walnuts, with a thin skin and sweetmeat.

Walnut Nutrition

Walnuts are a good source of...

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