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In late 2021, Earnity, A community-based platform to buy and sell crypto led by Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, partnered with Bitcoin mining company BitNile, closing $15 million in stock offerings. Earnity is dedicated to launching a platform that will allow crypto users to buy, sell, and hold digital assets. It also looks to provide a marketplace for people to participate in crypto buying. 

Buying in cryptocurrency can be rewarding. But the market’s volatility can lead to some losses if wrong financial decisions have been made. While some crypto traders see the inherent market volatility as a chance to make money, the exposure to increased risk can have substantial financial implications. 


Fortunately, there are ways to manage trading risks when building a crypto portfolio, including hedging. To hedge means to buy in an asset that can protect the buyer’s finances from a risky situation. It’s similar to home insurance in that the buyer shells out money to offset any possible loss. 

Three Methods 

There are three standard methods to hedge a crypto portfolio: diversification, short-selling, and using futures or other derivatives. 

Portfolio diversification is the simplest means of minimizing risks in cryptocurrency...

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