Dr Jart is Topping The Charts Among Skincare Brands. Here’s...

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If you haven’t heard about Dr Jart’s skincare products, then you are missing out on some major skincare products. Dr Jart is becoming a sensational brand when it comes to k-beauty products and skincare. The hype of the brand and its classic products is building up every day in the UK and the demand for their skincare products keeps increasing day by day. It’s a promising brand founded in 2005 by ex-architect Chin Wook Lee and was later bought by Estée Lauder in 2019. Its formulas are so perfect that some of the most high-end brands in Europe and America copied their formulas for skincare products.

Cicapair Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment

If you’re wondering why this product gets a headline, then read on! This product has recently become a social media sensation and many tik tok stars and influencers on Instagram and Facebook can be seen using this product. They are not only using it in their videos but also posting some great reviews which are just perfect for a product like this to flourish.

Thai cream is a mixture of soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients, like raspberry leaf extract and cica which help remove redness and acts as a second-skin...

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