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SEO is such a powerful tool that everyone wants to invoke its benefits. Many online businesses would knock on any door displaying an eCommerce SEO Consultant sign and will feel OK by throwing money at it, for a while.

But this attitude usually leads to strenuous periods of anxiety, combined with euphoric bursts of optimism, ending up with crushing disillusion.

Why does that happen?

After years in the business, I discovered that the main reason eCommerce SEO marketing strategies fail is that clients have a very poor understanding of what SEO means. Surprisingly enough, the more they have “read” about SEO, the more confused they are, and the more difficult it is for eCommerce SEO consultants to design and execute any marketing strategy.

So, here are three simple rules you must follow when you request an SEO specialist to give you a hand with your marketing.

Listen to your eCommerce SEO consultant
SEO services are not a pay-to-play kind of business. There is no such thing as a “money is not important, just make us rank” approach in SEO. If it were that easy, how come so many...

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