Diseases in Dogs

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There are many different dog diseases. This article will discuss a few of them, including Canine parainfluenza, Canine Babesiosis, and Canine influenza. We will also discuss some other common dog diseases, such as parvovirus and ehrlichiosis. Hopefully, these facts will help you prevent and manage some of the more common dog diseases. No matter what age your dog is, it’s important to ensure that they are healthy and kept in a safe environment.

Canine influenza

Although canine influenza is rare, it is a potentially serious disease that can lead to respiratory tract infections. It causes a variety of symptoms including high-grade fever and airway congestion. Dogs may need broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy to combat secondary bacterial pneumonia. Nutritional support and mucolytic agents are given to help the body fight the infection. An infected dog might require intensive nursing care. This may include isolation from others and barrier nursing.

Canine parainfluenza

Canine parainfluenza is often self-limiting and not life-threatening. Additional symptoms may include lethargy and sneezing as well as a loss of energy, fever, and lethargy. Fortunately, this infection is not contagious to humans, although it can be spread to people and other mammals. For this reason, vaccination is recommended. If you...

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