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Critical to any customer relationship, are the employees who interact with the customer. If an employee is satisfied and has the ability to execute customer strategies, they can fulfill the brand promise. So when companies wish to enhance their customer relationships, they have to realize that the success of CRM initiatives relies heavily on the Human Resource strategies. The rationale is inescapable: if a person desires valued relationships with the customers, he or she needs valued relationships with the employees. (1) This approach is often referred to as Employee Resource Management (ERM).

Trained and motivated staff and a superior staff appraisal system is the key to customer contentment and hence, the foundation of CRM.


The contemporary market environment is characterized by general variability, difficult foresee ability of the competitive situation, surplus economy, and well informed, more experienced, more fastidious, exacting and more impatient consumers and users, who cease being loyal to traditional products and brands.(2) Therefore we have a dire need for effective tools for increasing customer value and CRM is the answer to that. Several vendors now offer HR consultancy tools to their CRM software. These ad-ons provide solutions for enhanced staff productivity, end-user self-service and improved reporting...

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