Copywriting: what it is, good practices, and everything for you to become a Copywriter

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What is copywriting and what is its importance in marketing? Read our post and see how to create it to better relate to your audience

Copywriting is the process of producing persuasive texts for Marketing and Sales actions, such as the content of emails, websites, catalogs, advertisements, and sales letters, for example. The professional responsible for the development of the text (also called copy) is known as a Copywriter.

Imagine that your child is growing up and you are looking for educational toys for him. Searching online, you will land on the “about” page of two companies:

Company X:

“AX is a __-based company. The company is still owned by the __ family, who founded it in __. AX is committed to developing children’s creativity through play and learning. Building on its early products, the company now offers toys, experiences, and teaching materials to children in more than 130 countries.”

Company Y:

“We are in the midst of a Learning Revolution — a revolution that champions the importance of play in 21st-century teaching! AY designs and produces toys that teach empathy, creative communication, collaboration, and other skills needed by 21st-century learners of any age.”

The description of company Y sounds...

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