Consent orders: frequently asked questions

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My partner doesn’t comply with a Consent Order. What happens?

The first step to ensuring that Consent Orders are followed by your former partner is always to speak with them and see if things can be changed or arrangements can be made so that the Consent Orders can be followed. Mediation can also help ensure that what is agreed to is implemented. If all else fails, either party can apply to the court for enforcement of the Consent Orders by submitting an application and supporting affidavit. The code provides a number of remedies to ensure compliance with the Orders.

Is it possible to set aside a Consent Order?

In very few instances will a quote be prepared to reopen a matter and set aside prior Consent Orders. There are very strict criteria that need to be met in a property settlement before I’m able to consider setting aside a Consent Order for Orders made. For parenting cases, the court must first decide that there has been a significant change in circumstances warranting a reopening of the case before it will even consider changing the Orders that have already been made.

Is there a cooling off period. Before signing consent orders?


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