Cisco CCNA Exam, What You Need to Know: The Different...

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As a network administrator, you need to know what the different roles are and their responsibilities. There are many different roles in IT and some of them may not be as obvious as others. There are also many different types of companies that employ network administrators. However, there are some commonalities between all of the roles regardless of whether they work for a large company or small business.

Information Security Administrator

This position is responsible for ensuring that confidential information is not compromised by hackers or other threats. They also ensure that all data stored on computers remains secure by preventing unauthorized access through encryption or other means such as physical security measures like locks on doors and windows which prevent entry without permission from someone with administrative privileges who knows how they work properly so they won’t let anyone steal your personal information when using any kind of computer system where you have contact with others using these technical devices like smartphones tablets Ipads laptops desktops etc…

The Cisco CCNA exam is a very important one to pass, and it’s also one of the most rigorous tests you’ll ever take. It’s a certification that can open up a lot...

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