Business Computing: Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

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In most cases with businesses, web hosting providers are a requirement. Running a website means having to have space for data. It will always be a work in progress. The bigger the site becomes and the more traffic it generates, the more computing power and space you will need to keep it functional. It is like building a house; the more extensions you add, the more work it takes to upkeep the property.

Basically what you do with a web host is sign up for a plan based on what your website needs in order to be accessible. The web host uses several servers to connect you to high speed internet. Now, the reason businesses often turn to a service instead of self-hosting is predominantly for cost effective website running. Having the right amount of servers to keep up with the demand takes a lot of time and consistent work. By outsourcing the service, companies actually save money with its management. See, when a site gets more traffic than a server can handle, the site crashes. That is what happens when you go to click on a link and it is too slow or it cannot be retrieved. Web host...

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