BEXIMCO Health: A Strong Response for Fighting COVID-19

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BEXIMCO Health is identified as top of its products. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the presence of the company has strengthened. It empowered the country’s fight against the COVID-19 virus. Producing and providing reliable PPE products, it has given a boost to the country’s medical and healthcare workforce. It is a wing of one of the top private sector companies in Bangladesh, Beximco Group.

BEXIMCO Health has come to be regarded as a strong response in itself during the crisis.

What Enables BEXIMCO Health to Strongly Fight the Pandemic?

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What Enables BEXIMCO Health to Strongly Fight the Pandemic?

BEXIMCO Health is a company with several attributes and facilities. These enable it to complete several requirements that can benefit the public. Even though its operations are mainly observed in Bangladesh, the company has focused on helping the people globally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this objective gained more strength. Thus, the attributes of the company have enabled it to make better use of the facilities to serve the nation.

1. Sourcing the Best Material for Production

For the production of personal protective equipment, sourcing the right and the best material is significant to the top Bangladeshi...

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