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It’s no secret that good jobs are rare. The economy is a mess. Financial pressure continues to increase while financial resources dwindle for the general public. Is there any such thing as a recession-proof, enjoyable job that provides high pay and comprehensive benefits anymore?

Yes! Cooper Farms offers some of the best jobs in Mercer County and surrounding counties in western Ohio. For more than eight decades, our family farms have provided stable, fun employment positions, all with excellent benefits. We care about our team members and understand that they are our lifeline. That’s why we treat them so well, like the family they are!

Cooper Farms Production Jobs in Mercer County

Cooper Farms offers diverse types of good-paying jobs in Mercer and surrounding counties in western Ohio. The Cooper family has owned and operated Cooper farms for more than 80 years. We have ongoing needs for dependable, motivated team members, including:

Automobile and Farm Machinery Mechanics Summer Production Helpers OTR Egg Delivery Drivers Wastewater Technicians Farrowing Technicians Feed Delivery Drivers Sanitation Associates General Production Maintenance Staff

Cooper Farms also has continuous needs for Food Processors, Turkey Movers, Hog Loaders, Sales Assistants,...

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