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30 Best Disney Characters

When life gets hard and daily life seems frustrating, we often find ourselves turning to Disney in hopes of feeling a little bit of the magic it promises. And somehow that binge session always leaves us happier, with a little more faith in friendship and love, and a wide grin that refuses to come off our face.

Whether it is Mickey Mouse giggling about his clubhouse or Winnie the Pooh looking for his honey, whether a sleeping beauty is in need of rescuing or a family in need of saving, Disney has got our cravings covered!

So here’s a list of our favorite characters from all of Disney’s own movies. Let us know which opinions you agree and disagree with!

30. Jaq and Gus

Source: Fandom

Movie: Cinderella

IMDb Rating:7.3/10

Streaming Platform: Disney+

One of the most transformative (pun intended) movies of Disney, Cinderella, also featured one of the best rat duos we have ever seen. Fearless and witty Jaq and food-loving, caring Gus have not only helped our beloved heroine, but made us fall in love too. We all wish we had friends who would be as loving and supportive even when we are at...

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