Best Apps to Learn Japanese for Beginners

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In the 21st century, there are many applications and sites for learning Japanese. Today we will talk about those that deserve the attention of beginners and experienced fighters! Of course, such applications will not replace tutors and experienced professionals. Still, they will help create and maintain a solid knowledge base that will never get in the way of learning Japanese!


If you have already learned the alphabet, know English, and don’t mind 400-450 rubles a month, this application is for you! Even though it is paid (only the first three levels out of 60 are free), Wanikani fully justifies this investment.

At each level, you are invited to learn several radicals, i.e., parts of the hieroglyph, the hieroglyphs themselves, and the words in which they are used. An unusual technique for memorizing hieroglyphs is also worth mentioning: a short mnemonic story is offered for each element, based on what it looks like! The method of repetitions themselves is also pleasing: words appear in the queue after 4, 8, and 24 hours after studying, depending on the correctness of the answer. Correct answer = extended follow-up time. The last step is three months, and if you give the correct answer, the...

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