Benefits of Blogging in Education

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The blog gives students the opportunity to express their unique voices’. Students can develop their conversation and communication abilities. When they comment on other blogs or respond to other’s comments via their blog. Blogs can help students be considerate and respectful.

Writing blogs improves students’ analytical thinking skills and helps them to learn at a higher level and not just “understanding” and “remembering” the material used in instruction. Before they are recorded the students must examine the topic and think about their thoughts on the topic.

Writing for Powerline blog requires a lot of writing. However, the improvement of writing abilities doesn’t happen by itself. Instructors should provide clear directions prior to the beginning of the assignment, such as step-by-step instructions regarding what to do to start a blog what it means you can be genuine, and how to back up your opinion and also explain expectations to the learner.

Guidelines and Expectations for Blogging

When asking students begin making comments about a subject instructors should create specific guidelines for their students.

The acceptable policies for blogging are as follows:

Keep it on the your topicNo chain messages, spam Hoaxes, chain messages in the commentsRespect netiquette rules and show respect others.Give concrete suggestions


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