Ben Is Back (2018): Should You Stream It Or Skip...

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‘Ben is back’ is a heartwarming American drama movie released in 2018. Before its theatrical release, it premiered at Toronto Film Festival. Both critics and audiences loved the film. The film was nominated for multiple awards and even won some of them.

What Is The Film About ?

The movie follows a young man, Ben. He returns from his rehab, where he had been admitted for drug addiction, and says that his sponsor suggested a trip home might be a good idea. Ben’s mother, Holly, is very happy to see him and a little sceptical because she wants her son to heal and being here might hinder that.

Holly is also worried about how Ben’s sudden appearance may affect people around them. The story continues to peel layers off the characters. Ben’s past is revealed, and Ben and Holly’s relationship dynamics are dug up, creating a beautifully sad tale about healing, forgiveness, and love. A bond so strong between a mother and a son. It delves into what addicts go through and especially what people close to them go through.

Ben and Holly’s love is so graceful and fragile yet so strong, shown pretty vividly in the movie. Ben...

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