Australias colorful election day could upend the coalition government

australia8217s-colorful-election-day-could-upend-the-coalition-government Published 1 month ago Views (17) Business

Brisbane, Australia (CNN)Election day creates a carnival atmosphere at polling booths across Australia, but beneath the bonhomie lies a serious decision — and Saturday’s vote has the potential to usher in major change.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is asking voters to re-elect his center-right Liberal-National coalition government, after a three-year term dominated by the pandemic, climate disasters, and accusations of dishonesty. Morrison’s popularity has waned since he defied polls to clinch a “miracle” win over Labor in 2019, and this election is seen as a referendum on his self-confessed “bulldozer” leadership style. SUPORT: DR.STRANGE 2             –DR STRANGE MOVIE             :DR.STRANGE 123Movies Online Morrison’s main rival is Anthony Albanese, a Labor Party veteran who inherited the party leadership after his shell-shocked predecessor stepped down following the 2019 election loss. This time Labor has stripped back its policy offerings to narrow the difference between it and the coalition, though both are facing an unprecedented challenge from “teal” Independents, who are campaigning for more climate action and political integrity. Backed by the millionaire founder of “Climate 200,” the color teal blends their “blue” Liberal views with “green” beliefs. The major parties need at least 76 seats to govern outright — any...

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