Aspects of the British Education System in United Kingdom

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The British education system is one of the most well celebrated and much-acclaimed curriculum worldwide. Not only in the UK region but, it is widely accepted in the South Asian region and also in some parts of the US. The rote learning method which is practised by many countries was abolished in the United Kingdom when the reign of Queen Victoria was even not initiated.

This education system of the United Kingdom is only limited to learning by the books, but it also focuses well on STEAM learning too. Technological advancements and things like robotics is implemented well in the program.

Below are some characteristics or aspects of the British education system which prove the quality of these academics in the entire region.

Compulsory and free

The high-quality education from pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher secondary is free of cost in the entire UK, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There is no discrimination based on nationality and immigrant history of the pupil. Every student can avail of top-notch British education from the available public educational institution. Although there are many private schools too, it is totally up to students and their parents which sector of the institute they want to...

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