ASK IRA: Can the Heat simply move past Game 2′s...

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Q: Did they not know there was a game Thursday? Or did they think it would only last five minutes? This was atrocious. – Evelyn.

A: Certainly a reasonable word choice. More likely was the Heat thought they took measure of the Celtics on Tuesday night, failing to recognize, like themselves, how different the Celtics are when closer to whole. No, this was not solely about the returns of Marcus Smart and Al Horford. But it was about the Celtics getting in lockstep as something closer to their true selves. So now the Heat know what they’re up against. And it’s formidable. And it will require at least one victory in Boston. So to get back to your thrust, the Heat very much will know there is a game Saturday. Such is the case when eyes are opened.

Q: Caleb Martin has simply lost his mojo. The skills might be there, but the mental edge, judgment, and aggressiveness are gone – P.J.

A: Hard to disagree. This is not the player who emerged from a two-way contract into a prime rotation element. Perhaps it is injury related, with Caleb Martin riding the stationary bike at times when not in...

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