Are All ECommerce SEO Experts The Same?

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One of the questions that always haunts every eCommerce SEO expert is “Is there a hard and fast SEO process I can use for all of my clients?”

Most marketers begin their careers by applying the old good throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks technique. You know how it is, you do a little bit of digging, find how the most successful marketers bring success to their clients and then try to apply the whole book to your next project.

After a couple of years, and thousands of readings later, many come up with their own set of methods to provide satisfactory results for their customers. I know a lot of marketers who are happy with the results they get and have been able to bring meaningful results to their clients.

However, there are others who become obsessed with SEO. These are tormented souls who are indefatigably committed to finding the perfect SEO formula. The goal does not include learning about their clients and their products or finding ways to connect them with their audiences. What they want is a secret formula or set of steps that will allow them to position any website at the top...

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