Acute vs. Chronic Back Pain — What’s the Difference?

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If you experience a sudden twinge in your back or wake up in the morning feeling that something is just not quite right, it’s a good idea to seek medical advice. Back pain is not something to treat lightly — regardless of the cause, it can significantly interfere with your quality of life.

Upon having seen your doctor or physiotherapist, they’re likely to classify your back pain as falling under one of two categories — acute or chronic. But what’s the difference between these two terms and what impact does this classification have on how your pain is managed?

These conversations are very important, particularly when it comes to discussing options that are available to help manage symptoms, including CBD oil for back pain.

Acute back pain

When used in a medical context, the term ‘acute’ describes pain that comes on suddenly and has a specific root cause. Breaking your ankle while playing football, for example, is an acute injury.

Acute back pain may be caused by a muscle strain, spasm, or even spinal cord compression. After you have recovered from your injury, the pain tends to disappear, and you will hopefully be able to participate in the same activities...

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