A Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling a Guide Wheel Pulley with...

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The guide wheel pulley assembly features molybdenum wire to ensure the long-lasting and reliable performance that your textile machine requires. Molybdenum wire will not rust, oxidize, or corrode when in contact with oils, fats, or other corrosive substances that may be used to produce textiles. It is strong, but also flexible enough to move with the shaft as it rotates, making it an ideal material for this application. The following steps outline how to assemble a guide wheel pulley with molybdenum wire…

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Tools, Materials, and Design Prepare the Chain LinksAttach the chain links to the rimFinalize Tension Mount the chain wheels on both sides of the wheel pulleyTesting and TroubleshootingTips, Tricks, and Resources

Tools, Materials, and Design

The molybdenum wire guide wheel pulley assembly is, as its name suggests, a pulley (for moving material over an axis) that uses molybdenum wire instead of rope or chain. In fact, we’ve also seen it used in some experimental elevators that try to reduce friction and increase efficiency by using superconductors. The wire can get really cold though, so we don’t recommend using it for an elevator unless you’re okay with people freezing on their way...

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