5 persuasive copywriting techniques borrowed from psychology

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Psychology also helps to understand better our psyche concerning the performance of a specific action! This is essential in the world of persuasive copywriting. Discover with us the 5 copy techniques borrowed from psychological theories!

To optimize the conversion rate and improve the results achieved with your texts, it is necessary to make the most of persuasive copywriting techniques.

Indeed, persuasion and the resulting conversion go hand in hand.

Convincing visitors who come to your site to sign up for the newsletter, share a post, and make a purchase is necessary to get results with your online business.

Surely you have heard several times about persuasive copywriting and how it can be exploited to be able to engage readers and users who browse your website or e-commerce more easily.

In this guide, however, we want to refer specifically to 5 useful tricks borrowed from psychology that can amplify the persuasive power of your copy without it becoming “deceptive” and with the right amount of user involvement capacity.

The rhyme effect for short persuasive copy

When making a short persuasive copy, like a slogan or ad, you need to consider using rhyme.

In fact, when two words or phrases rhyme, people have a better chance of...

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