2022 DNA testing Eligibility factors

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Is everyone eligible for genetic testing?

DNA testing appears to be a no-brainer on the surface. Who you are is determined by your genetic composition? Why wouldn’t you want to understand everything there is to know about it? Isn’t this knowledge going to help you battle illnesses and change your lifestyle for the better?

Yes, in theory. But dig a little deeper. It becomes more difficult. Why be tested if there’s a chance the outcome won’t be significant? Why be tested if there’s no definite method to deal with the product? And why be tested if the results would only add to your stress?

Maybe you want to learn about your ancestors for pleasure.
Alternatively, perhaps you’re concerned about a sickness that runs in your family. You’re already concerned, and a genetic test might help you live a more peaceful and meaningful life. In that situation, genetic testing is a suitable option for you.
If you already have a sickness and are considering treatment options with your doctor. If a scientifically confirmed genetic test can guide your therapy, you are a suitable candidate for genetic testing.

As a result, scientists do not advocate genetic testing for everyone. Since 2003, infidelity DNA testing...

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