10 Tips for Creating User-Friendly Websites

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So, how do you actually make a user-friendly website?

With the five factors just mentioned in mind, here are five additional tips to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

1. Choose a website juztsam web design company that puts users first

Website design isn’t the most convenient for your team. Instead, you should choose a style that puts you and your needs first.

When transitioning to this perspective as an end goal, it is easy to spot areas where there are problems or where the overall user experience is poor.

2. Use accessible language and tone

Another tip is to use an accessible language and tone for your target audience.

What does this mean? If your customers primarily speak a language other than English, we recommend that you provide a version of your website in that language.

It is also important to maintain a certain attitude or cultural tone and express it in your own words.

3. Choose your color carefully

The psychology behind color selection is very important.

Almost from birth, the human brain has been trained to associate certain colors with certain traits. For example, red is associated with anger and green is associated with money.


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