10 golden rules for investing in the stock market

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First of all, define your objectives, terms and risk of the investment What part of my capital should I risk?Invest short or long?Do not trust the one who promises you gold and Moorish

First of all, define your objectives, terms and risk of the investment

Before making any investment, it is necessary to establish the objective with which it is made (earn 10% per year), the term in which you want to achieve that objective ( approximately three years) and the risk that you are willing to take (if you have reached the maximum level of losses that you can take, close the position, accept your mistake and wait for another opportunity). All this will depend on the personal characteristics of each investor and will be based on their wealth, age, risk aversion or profit expectations.

 What part of my capital should I risk?

Invest that part of your assets that you will not need in the short term or that will not compromise your personal or family assets. Keep in mind that the noho stock market means uncertainty and that therefore there will always be a risk that things will not...

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